Project RENEWS

As desert dwellers, we all understand the importance of water.  We also know that our aquifer, in the Sahuarita and Green Valley area, is declining. At some locations, well water levels have dropped by as much as 150’ in the last 50 years due to the increased demand that residents and businesses are placing on this portion of the natural aquifer of the Santa Cruz River Valley.

The challenge for the Upper Santa Cruz area is that drinking water needs are a small percentage of the total groundwater pumping. The majority of the water table decline is attributable to agriculture and mining—historically, neither of these groups has replaced their groundwater usage. Elimination of all drinking water deliveries will not halt the declining water table.

To ensure a future supply of drinking water, Community Water is working to halt the water table decline in the Upper Santa Cruz area. We are developing a pipeline and underground water storage facility to bring Colorado River water to the Upper Santa Cruz area in Green Valley and Sahuarita.

Our local water supply is not sustainable if the source aquifer continues to decline.  Even though it can be decades before we feel the impact, it is critical to invest in solutions for future generations to capitalize upon.  Community Water is committed to developing a sustainable water supply and joined with Rosemont Copper Company to develop Project Renews in 2007.  Project Renews will bring renewable water supplies to the Green Valley-Sahuarita area.  It has the approval of the Bureau of Reclamation and development is at no cost to our members.  In 2018, we secured a 100-year lease on State Land in Sahuarita for recharging our Central Arizona Project water.  In 2019, we have completed the installation of mains along Pima Mine Road; also, we have connected to the Central Arizona Project pipeline, and extended Project Renews under 1-19 at Pima Mine Road, completed the acquisition of the Project Renews pipeline rights-of-way and have installed segments of pipe under the Pima Mine Road Bridge and under the Nogales Highway intersection with Sahuarita Road .

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