Pipeline Route/Project Design

May 29, 2015 Project Renews Updated


The Pipeline Route

The initial phase consists of a 36 inch diameter main delivery pipeline that would connect into an existing transportation main that delivers CAP water to the Pima Mine Road Recharge Project (PMRRP); the connection will be at the entrance to that recharge facility. From the PMRRP connection, the pipeline will then extend eastward to Nogales Highway, then south along Nogales Highway to Old Nogales Highway, and then continues south along Old Nogales Highway for about a mile. Here the 36-inch diameter pipeline ends adjacent to the proposed Community Water recharge site to the west of Old Nogales Highway. (please click on image to expand.)

Project Design

USCPUG, with Community Water leading the project initiative, worked to ensure that the design capacity of the main pipeline would address the future needsof USCPUG members; which is estimated to be approximately 30,000 Ac-ft per year, including Community Water.

Community Water is delighted with having completed a Final Environmental Assessment and the clean bill of health for our project. And, the Community Water Project is the only renewable water delivery system in the Upper Santa Cruz area to have completed an Environmental Assessment.

The recharge facility, consisting of 17 acres dedicated to recharge was selected and evaluated as part of the Environmental Assessment. This provided a positive environmental impact; the benefits of recharging water upstream in the USC River area to offset over-pumping of ground-water
identified by USCPUG.

This project will be constructed at no cost to Community Water members. Hudbay, the parent company of Rosemont Copper, has agreed to fund construction as part of its commitment to Community Water to provide water recharge conservation in the Green Valley/Sahuarita area. This is the first industrial entity to address its impact on water pumping in our area as part of its development.

With this project, Community Water continues to develop a renewable water supply for its members.

For questions contact Arturo Gabaldón, President,
Community Water Company of Green Valley
(520) 625-8409, arturo@communitywater.com.