Work Begins on Community Water Project Renews Pipeline

Community Water Company (CWC) of Green Valley is delighted to announce construction of the first phase of Project Renews by Borderland Construction of Tucson. Project RENEWS is a system of pipelines and underground water storage facilities designed to bring Colorado River water to Green Valley and Sahuarita. Project RENEWS begins at the CAP terminus, at Pima Mine Road and I-19, and ends adjacent to the proposed recharge site, west of Old Nogales Highway.

Phase 1 is a $400,000 contract that will enable construction of approximately 1,000 feet of 36-inch pipe at the realigned portion of the Nogales Highway in Sahuarita. According to Project Manager Raul Pina, “We expect to start in the next 30-45 days on this initial phase of the project. As this phase begins we will be finalizing the design of our next phase for the actual pipeline hook-up at the CAP terminus.”

The pipe has intentionally been oversized (CWC will use about ¼ of the capacity) to enable other water users access to the system to bring additional CAP water further upstream. The recharge basin is likewise planned for additional capacity.

This project will be constructed at no cost to Community Water members.

“Hudbay Minerals, the parent company of Rosemont Copper, has agreed to fund construction as part of its commitment to Community Water to provide water recharge conservation in the Green Valley/Sahuarita area,” said Arturo Gabaldon, President of community Water Company. “Hudbay has committed to recharge 105% of their use and they have specifically directed that the capacity of the pipeline and recharge basin be designed to accommodate other water storage.”

Gabaldon added, “This is the first industrial entity to address its potential impact on water pumping in the Upper Santa Cruz as part of its development.”