Round-Up Program

Members Helping Members – A little change can make a big difference

As a Community Water Company customer, you have a unique opportunity to support Round-Up, a program that provides financial support to individuals within the Green Valley-Sahuarita area.  Round-Up was designed to provide financial assistance to utility customers in need.  In this program participating customers agree to have their utility bill rounded up to the next whole dollar amount; or rounded up plus a few dollars more.  The extra money paid on a utility bill will help the less fortunate pay their utility bills. The average contribution rounds to just 50 cents a month. While that may not seem like a lot of money, it adds up when you multiply it by the number of your neighbors who participate.

How does Round-Up work?

Donations are voluntary and appreciated.

Sign up using the form attached and your monthly water bill will be Round-Up the next whole dollar.

For example, a $20.52 bill would become $21.  On the average, your contribution will be about $6 a year – a small amount that will go to helping families in our community.  It works out to be less than the cost of one soft drink, candy bar, or a cup of coffee.

Each small monthly contributions adds up to make a significant impact.

We also offer the opportunity to do more than just Round-Up, you can add an additional dollar amount to the donation pass through.

Your Round-Up donation will be on your monthly water bill.

Check with your tax professional for tax deductibility.

How will the money be used?

Money collected by Round-Up will be disbursed to charitable organizations that agrees to provide assistance for people in the Green Valley-Sahuarita area for paying their utility bills.

100% of your pass through donations will go toward improving the lives of our fellow citizens.  Annually Community Water Company will evaluate the program to ensure its continual effectiveness.

What are the benefits?

Many of those who receive financial help will be seniors, low-income families with children, and possibly those facing a crisis.

Your generous donations allow Round-Up to be able to provide assistance to families in need.

Through your collective giving, a significant amount can be raised each year.  Remember, your contributions will help someone’s life shine brighter.

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